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The Rebel Unicorns Podcast

Carine Camara & Knowing Your Empath Style


Today's guest is Carine Camara, who is helping people use love to be their guiding light and healing force through acupuncture.

Carine's acupuncture story started while looking for a holistic approach to healing, which helped her not only with her physical ailments but also with her emotional and energetic life choices. Carine figured out she was an empath when she started working with a spiritual mentor, and now she works with empaths. Listen in to hear all the empath experiences she's had. Carine's primary empath tool is the energy of love, the highest frequency of all, listen in and hear how she uses love and intention. Carine's acupuncture practice is more than just a physical healing, she shares some of her healing stories. Listen in to hear Carine's story of shifting her business to the online marketplace.

In This Episode:

4:25 - Carine's Story

7:00 - Empath

15:20 - Empath Tools

25:00 - Acupuncture Healing

32:40 - Becoming an Online Entrepreneur

Find Carine here: www.carinecamara.com

Find Carine on Instagram: www.instagram.com/carinejcamara

Find Carine on Facebook: www.facebook.com/carinehealing

Find Avalon on Instagram: www.instagram.com/avalonstarlightcoaching

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