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The Rebel Unicorns Podcast

Mary Bratko & Parenting as an Empath


Today's guest is Mary Bratko, founder of the Mama Academy, who is using her story to change lives.

Listen to Mary tell her story, her travels and her neuroscience background. Mary uses her neuroscience background and talks about how traumatic events guide our lives and live with repressed our emotions. How Mary and her partner's chosen path of living purposefully led to babies and the trauma that comes along with parenthood. Mary's traumatic fight to birth her babies caused led her to start her journey to ask "Is the Mom OK". Listen to how Mary changed her business to start putting the Mom first.

In this Episode:

4:45 - Mary's Story

11:15 - Empaths and Neuroscience

19:55 - Purpose

29:40 - Discover Yourself

38:30 - When it all changed

Find Mary here: http://www.mamacademy.co/

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