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The Rebel Unicorns Podcast

Parenting as an Empath in Business


On today's episode I'm sharing the story of why I became an entrepreneur. Looking back, I didn't understand at this time that I was an empath, which presented a whole slew of challenges. I ended up shutting myself off, and I was always in fight or flight.

Things started to change after I opened myself up to love, safety and security. I was so shielded and walled off and while trying to unearth what I had been holding back and allowing myself to feel, it actually helped my amplify empath gifts. You need to be able to stand up for yourself, even if you are taking actions outside of the bounds of the status quo and being able to recognize if part of your life isn't healthy for you, and making the changes necessary to help you lead a life that supports you and makes you happy.

In This Episode:

1:00 - Mamapreneur story

6:15 - Empath Challenges

9:25 - Opening

13:20 - Feeling

17:20 - Parenting

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