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The Rebel Unicorns Podcast

Shifting Timelines and Being an Empath


Today's episode is all about possibilities, not just the possibilities that we can see, but the possibilities contained in our consciousness and spirituality. When you focus on something you want, something new outside that is outside of the bounds of your current possibilities, you're choosing to step into an alternate reality from the one you are currently in. I've had some recent realizations about my own timeline shifting, I'm going to share some examples from my own life. As an empath you have to become so clear in your life, everything we do is your choice, and being in tune with your own energy is paramount. It's ok to shift and pivot, especially if what you are doing does not work for you.

In this Episode:

5:20 - Shift

8:05 - Timeline shifts in my past

21:50 - Empaths

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