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The Rebel Unicorns Podcast

What Type of Empath are You?


Welcome to the season finale of the Rebel Unicorns Podcast, sit back, relax grab your favourite hot beverage and listen in as I talk about the different types of empaths and how they show up in day to day life.

Physical Empath is somebody who can sense and feel the pain that someone else is feeling. Emotional Empath can feel the emotions of everyone around them. Intuitive Empath they just know things, you know what people around you are thinking, or feel what is about to happen to someone before they do. Dream Empath gets information about the world and people around them from their dreams. Plant Empath are often surrounded by nature and have a sense of plants around them, they shift the vibration of the house and home using plants. Earth Empath can feel the vibration and energy of places on the earth, and past events that happened on that spot. Animal Empath can speak to animals, they can read energy and have conversations with animals and pets.

I'd love to hear from you, which empath types are you?

In This Episode:

4:05 - Physical Empath

6:00 - Emotional Empath

9:30 - Intuitive Empath

11:45 - Dream Empath

14:05 - Plant Empath

15:45 - Earth Empath

17:00 - Animal Empath

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