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by Renegade Farmer
The Renegade Farmer

The Renegade Farmer Interviews Cathy Linker Lafrenz


The Renegade Farmer is proud to present a great example of FarmWOMAN success! Cathy Linker Lafrenz was one of the dynamic farmers we met while on our bee tour of Iowa! We were mightily impressed with her business sense, strong support of fellow farmers, particularly women, her farm, classes in sustainability, speaking, and much more! Cathy runs the first U-Pick flower farm in Iowa, also known as Miss Effie's Country Flowers and Garden Stuff. She boast various classes in natural food and food creation, is an advocate for the small, organic farmer, has spoke in state and local levels, and much more! Plus, she's a hoot, to boot. Learn the secrets of working a successful farm, food, flowers, and various other fantastical farm information!



by Renegade Farmer