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Camille Herron: Crushing World Records, Narrowing The Gender Gap, And The Power of Happiness


She collects world records with wild abandon. With each race, she narrows the gender gap, rewriting the rulebook on human capability with a broad smile and arms outstretched.

Meet force of nature Camille Herron.

Alongside 21 marathon victories, Camille won the Comrades Marathon in 2017, becoming the first athlete to win World Championship titles in the 50K, 100K and clocking the most miles in 24 hours (167.8 to be specific) of any woman in history. Just after turning 40, earlier this year Camille took home a big win at the Jackpot 100, beating all the men and besting her own 100-mile Road World Record.

In addition, Camille is the youngest woman to reach 100,000-lifetime running miles and she holds my favorite world record—fastest marathon in a superhero costume—running 2:48 dressed head to toe as Spiderwoman. Today she shares her unique story, in her own unique way.

How can a woman who commits herself to such hellish feats of physical performance remain so joyous?

Today we dissect it all: Camille’s relentless positivity, her unique backstory, her unique, quality over quantity training style, how she thinks about closing the gender gap in ultra running, the importance of strength training, how blood work has impacted her focus on nutrition, the difference between trail running and road running, her near term goals and future ambitions. We also talk about how she manages being married to her coach Conor Holt, how running can be self-transcendent, and many other interesting topics.

More about Camille + show notes: https://bit.ly/richroll689

Today’s episode is also viewable on YouTube: https://bit.ly/camilleherron689a

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Camille is an unbridled optimist, a super fun hang, and an inspiration for all—especially for those of us pondering our athletic capabilities as we age up.

Peace + Plants,


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