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The Rich Roll Podcast

Prophets Walk Among Us: Stories From Our Listeners


Every week, I send a show out into the ether. But it’s you, the audience, who has taken what is nothing more than an inert digital file comprised of ones and zeroes—and turned it into so much more.

When I think back on the history of the show to date, it’s crystal clear what is truly important. And most beautiful.


No matter what your goal or aspiration—irrespective of how solitary you believe its pursuit—you simply cannot truly score on your own. Everyone needs a team. Everyone needs a support network. Everyone needs help. And that is what this show has become: a place to connect over a myriad of ideas with one collective goal—be and do better. Together. That’s what this podcast does—it is here to serve and support you, the listener, in your journey of transformation.

It is with this sensibility that I asked you to share such stories, and how this podcast and its myriad of guests have inspired you, and what you learned, practiced, and shared with others along the way. My team and I have taken these powerful stories and compiled them into today’s very special episode, packed with empowering tales of perseverance through adversity, sobriety, new beginnings and new identities; successes, losses, tears, and triumphs; heartfelt stories of real-life epiphanies and transformations.

To be clear, this episode is not a personal pat on the back. In no way do I take credit whatsoever for anybody’s journey. This is about celebrating our power to transform individually and as a collective. Any improvements you made to your life, well that’s on you entirely. Hats off and head bowed in reverence. I just love the stories. It helps me feel more connected to you. It helps dry the cement on this community bond I am trying to foster—a bond over just being better.

Thank you for your courage; for taking the leap and walking this journey alongside me. Thank you for putting wind in my sails by tuning in week after week. And thank you for giving me hope in the good—the promise of a better more fulfilling, legacy-worthy purpose here on Earth in this short life.

But most of all, thank you for letting me serve. Because it is in service that I find purpose, meaning, and a sense of deep satisfaction that positively infuses every aspect of my daily life experience.

And finally, I want to thank each and every one of you who have taken the time to reach out and share with me your challenges, victories and struggles. I cannot overstate the extent to which your experiences humble me; hold me accountable for my own actions; inspire me to do and be better, and ennoble me to soldier on in the face of whatever obstacles I may face.

To read more click here. You can also watch it all go down on YouTube. And as always, the podcast streams wild and free on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this special conversation.

Peace + Plants,

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