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The Ringer NBA Show

Rasheed Wallace on Why the NBA Prioritizes Scoring, Perception vs. Reality With Media Narratives, and Winning a Title With the Pistons | Real Ones

The Ringer NBA Show
The Ringer NBA Show
Logan and Raja are joined by four-time NBA All-Star Rasheed Wallace to discuss how the league prioritized scoring over defense and how that changed how games were officiated (1:26). Next, the former NBA champion explains what it was like getting traded by the Washington Bullets after his rookie year, adapting to life in Portland and playing for the Trail Blazers, and perception vs. reality with media narratives (7:28). Along the way, Wallace breaks down the differences between his Portland team that lost to the Lakers in Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals and his Detroit Pistons team that won the Finals in 2004 (27:48). Later, he talks about what it’s like to see today’s NBA big men model their game after him and how the style of play has changed (44:17). Finally, the guys close with their Real Ones of the Week (65:13).
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Hosts: Logan Murdock and Raja Bell
Guest: Rasheed Wallace
Producer: Jonathan Kermah
Production Assistant: Kai Grady
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The Ringer NBA Show
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