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The Ringer NBA Show

Wemby’s NBA Debut, the James Harden–76ers Standstill, and Changes to the 2024 NBA All-Star Game | Real Ones

The Ringer NBA Show
The Ringer NBA Show
Logan and Howard are joined by Sam Amick, senior NBA writer for The Athletic, to unpack how Victor Wembanyama navigated opening night jitters as a rookie and what the San Antonio Spurs are going to do to manage the spotlight that comes with a player like him (2:55). Next, they discuss reports that James Harden returned to the Philadelphia 76ers practice facility but wasn’t allowed to travel with the team for the season opener and that trade talks with the Los Angeles Clippers have stalled (24:40). Later, the guys talk about the series of changes coming to the league this season, including the return to the East vs. West format for the NBA All-Star Game (43:50). Finally, the guys close with their Real Ones of the Week (58:37).
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Hosts: Logan Murdock and Howard Beck
Guest: Sam Amick
Producer: Jonathan Kermah
Production Assistant: Kai Grady
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The Ringer NBA Show
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