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by Robbie Page
The Robbie Page Podcast

Girl Chat: Q&A Part 2


Last week I asked y'all to text in questions you wanted answered on the podcast and last week we had so much fun answering them for our first Q&A episode! Because you had so many great questions we got to have a part 2 to the Q&A podcast! Join me in this week’s podcast with my girls, Melissa Geoffrion, Cali Attwood, and Danielle Perkins, as we dive right into all your questions! This week we are talking about working together, what we love about our jobs at Robbie Page Enterprises and sharing personal stories. And of course there are always lots of laughs! We absolutely love having these girl chat episodes for all of you to tune into and have had great fun answering all your questions for our first ever Q&A! Enjoy this week’s podcast, friends!



by Robbie Page