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The Rubin Report

Douglas Murray Says What Everyone Is Afraid to Admit Has to Be Done

The Rubin Report
The Rubin Report
Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about Douglas Murray telling John Anderson what has to be done with Hamas sympathizers in the West; Elon Musk’s trip to Israel; Conor McGregor attacking Leo Varadkar and Ireland’s leadership for allowing the rampant immigration that led to the stabbing of three children in Dublin; Tommy Robinson being arrested at a march against anti-Semitism, while Free Palestine protesters were allowed to threaten Jews; Arati Prabhakar explaining how Biden’s AI executive order will protect equity; Jordan Peterson explaining to “The Diary of a CEO” host Steven Bartlett how ordinary men were turned into Nazis without any deep indoctrination; Geert Wilders' shocking win in the Netherlands on a platform of halting mass immigration; and much more.

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