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The Rush

Adrenaline: Risk Is The Price Of Admission


Adrenaline inducing experiences are one of the most divisive rushes around. Why do some people get such a thrill from diving head first off a cliff into the ocean, while others are content with the deep end of their local swimming pool? Josh talks to a BASE jumper, a sensation-seeking expert, and puts himself 39-stories up in the air to try and find out...

Dive deep into the rush... of adrenaline.

Josh Szeps @joshszeps
Nova Podcasts Instagram @novapodcastsofficial
Sean Chuma https://www.seanchuma.com/ 
Dr Ken Carter https://www.drkencarter.com/ 
Dreamworld https://www.dreamworld.com.au/ 


Host: Josh Szeps
Managing Producer: Elle Beattie
Producer: Amy Kimball
Editor: Adrian Walton

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