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The Rush

Algorithms: A Cloud Of Stimulation


Over the past seven episodes, Josh has explored all the rushes that some crave and others despise. But what about the micro-rushes that almost all of us get every day? When we hear our phone ping with a social media notification, or lose countless hours in a video game, we are all getting sucked in to the intermittent rewards of the algorithm. Josh talks to a futurist, a data expert, a recovered video game addict, and a digital wellbeing expert to try and figure out why we've all become addicted and how we can break free.

Dive deep into the rush... of algorithms.

Josh Szeps @joshszeps
Nova Podcasts Instagram @novapodcastsofficial
Mark Pesce https://nextbillionseconds.com/
Cam Adair https://camerondare.com/ 
Chris Eade https://antisocial.io/ 
Dr Joanne Orlando https://www.joanneorlando.com.au/ 


Host: Josh Szeps
Managing Producer: Elle Beattie
Producer: Amy Kimball
Editor: Adrian Walton

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