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The Rush

Endurance: Finding The Flow State


What do you think when you see someone on an early morning run, or drive past someone cycling down the highway to god knows where? Why do some people feel the need to push their bodies to the limit of physical exertion? Josh talks to marathon-running comedian Eddie Izzard, a self-confessed exercise addict, and takes on a six-week personal training course to try and figure it out.

Dive deep into the rush... of endurance.

Josh Szeps @joshszeps
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Dr. Tom Seabourne https://www.ntcc.edu/directory/seabourne-dr-tom 
Eddie Izzard https://eddieizzard.com/en 
Studio Athletica https://www.studioathletica.com.au/ 


Host: Josh Szeps
Managing Producer: Elle Beattie
Producer: Amy Kimball
Editor: Adrian Walton

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