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The Rush

Sugar: The Good-Girl Heroin


We've all heard of the 'sugar rush' but what is it about sweet treats that we just can't resist? And what happens if we keep saying yes to our cravings? Josh consults the experts, hears the highs and lows of a self-confessed sugar addict, and is treated to a decadent tasting at a French restaurant.

Dive deep into the rush... of sugar.

Josh Szeps @joshszeps
Nova Podcasts Instagram @novapodcastsofficial
Dr Amy Reicheldt https://amyreichelt.com/ 
Jen @fatgirlexperiencingthin
Chez Pascal https://www.chezpascal.com.au/ 


Host: Josh Szeps
Managing Producer: Elle Beattie
Producer: Amy Kimball
Editor: Adrian Walton

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