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The World Is Falling Apart; Is God Really Gender Neutral?

The World Is Falling Apart
Savage examines the beliefs of the remote Islands of Fiji and The Marquesas. In his travels, he was always in search of God. Savage ponders the meanings and purpose of the Ten Commandments.
The 10 Commandments in School
Today, children are committing horrific violent acts in the streets. Disrespect and disregard are endemic. The removal of The Ten Commandments in school was a defining moment that marked the coming breakdown of civility.
Dead Man's Pants
We must not let our children inherit a broken nation. Lady Liberty is on the verge of a mental breakdown. After several decades of leftist policies, society is crumbling. Need proof? Just look around! Savage shares a story on how his father would repurpose dead man's pants for him to wear. Savage shares how socialist policies are just like dead man's pants; worn out, old ideas repackaged as if they were new. When a liberal tells you some new "great" plan for America, remember they're all just dead man's pants.
Liberalism and a Near Death Experience
The liberals aren’t coming; they’re everywhere. As a teen, Savage rode in a car with a maniacal driver. America is similar to an out of control car and at her wheel is the Biden Gang driving off a cliff. The radical Left is more insane than ever; what hope do we have? Reparations, socialist programs, and affirmative action are all part of the failed socialist crash course they have laid out for America.
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