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The Scathing Atheist

Omission Accomplished Edition

The Scathing Atheist
The Scathing Atheist
In this week’s episode, Sterling North Stonewall and Sterling West Pembina are schools for homophobic bigots, Dennis Prager sheds a single tear and blows out a menorah by himself in a dark room because his entire family hates him, and we’ll watch what happens when a story forgets to have a plot. Twice.
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Jan 6 Committee leaves Christian nationalism out of their report (diatribe story) https://religionnews.com/2022/12/23/christian-nationalism-mostly-absent-from-final-jan-6-report/
Conservatives are upset their kids don’t want to spend Christmas with them: https://onlysky.media/hemant-mehta/dennis-prager-christmas-conservative-parents-kids/
A high school coach joked about preaching Satanism and then he got fired:
NY Gov vetoes bill for secular addiction alternatives: https://onlysky.media/hemant-mehta/kathy-hochul-vetoes-bill-bolstering-secular-addiction-treatment-programs/
An evangelical cult leader assassinated Santa Claus in front of a bunch of kids: https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2022/12/evangelical-groomer-assassinated-santa-claus/
Schools lose fight for anonymity after censored tours at human rights museum: https://onlysky.media/hemant-mehta/canadian-museum-for-human-rights-lgbtq-secrecy-lawsuit-christian-schools/
Christians freak out over Amy Grant not hating her gay niece: https://onlysky.media/hemant-mehta/christian-bigots-condemn-singer-amy-grant-for-saying-jesus-is-all-about-love/
This Week in Misogyny:
Afghanistan gets worse and worse for women: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2022/12/28/afghan-women-on-ngo-work-ban-my-heart-will-burst-from-the-pain
Indiana Judge sides with religious right to abort: https://religionnews.com/2022/12/07/indiana-judge-backs-a-religious-right-to-abort/
The Scathing Atheist
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