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Get Rid Of Your Negative Beliefs, Manifest Abundance & Start Loving Yourself w/Marisa Peer EP 1213


Today’s guest Marisa Peer! She’s the creator of Rapid Transformational Therapy and is a Best-selling author, relationship therapist, hypnotherapist trainer, and motivational speaker. 

She has spent over 30 years working with people including royalty, rock stars, actors, Olympic athletes, CEOs and so many others. She’s written a new book called, Tell Yourself A Better Lie - Use the power of Rapid Transformational Therapy to edit your story and rewrite your life.

In this episode we discuss how the lies you tell yourself are holding you back, how to reshape your thoughts to begin loving yourself, the 3 steps to actually manifesting change in your life, how to bridge the gap between recognizing you need to heal and actually healing, how to put yourself first instead of always being a people pleaser and so much more!

For more go to: www.lewishowes.com/1213

Get Marisa's book: https://marisapeer.com/tyabl/

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