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How Your Diet Affects Your Behavior, Risk Of Disease & What You Should Do About It w/Dr. David Perlmutter EP 1211


Today’s guest is Dr. David Perlmutter, who is a Board-Certified Neurologist and five-time New York Times bestselling author. He received his M.D. degree from the University of Miami School of Medicine where he was awarded the Leonard G. Rowntree Research Award and he currently serves on the Board of Directors and is a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition. He’s written a new book Drop Acid: The Surprising New Science of Uric Acid―The Key to Losing Weight, Controlling Blood Sugar, and Achieving Extraordinary Health.

In this episode we discuss how your diet can contribute to your behavior, the real reason most people are addicted to sugar, how to reduce the risk of Alzheimers and other diseases, the emerging science behind uric acid and everything you need to know about its effects on the body, and so much more!

For more go to: www.lewishowes.com/1211

Check out Perlmutter's website - www.drperlmutter.com

Read his new book - www.dropacidbook.com

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