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The Symbolic World

306 - The Search for Participation in Contemporary Art

The Symbolic World
The Symbolic World
Apologies for the audio quality.

In this lecture, I take you through contemporary art history and its desperate search for a proper means of participation in a desacralized world. This talk is a follow-up to a previous video I did, The End of Desacralization in Art. This time I want to explore with you some specifics on how contemporary art has to confront alienation, power dynamics, and the minimization of yet yearning for ritual, participation, and community.

Original YouTube version of this lecture: https://youtu.be/EWc7TKm9jho

This lecture follows up on a previous video lecture I posted, The End of Desacralization in Art: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WYh20sYBsQ&t=813s
0:00 - Preview
0:59 - Intro music
1:24 - Introduction
2:27 - The pendulum swing of deincarnation
3:12 - Brancusi: Find the essence
5:41 - More examples: Kandinsky and Mondrian
8:59 - Opposites attract: Idealism and constructivism
12:38 - Alienation of the art object
17:53 - One extreme calls the other
19:10 - Remember participation
21:12 - Marina Abramovic
28:56 - Resembling rituals
31:55 - Eating as ritual participation
36:37 - Joseph Beuys: Atonement
43:51 - Anselm Kiefer: The weight of history
47:02 - Trapped in the art world
50:55 - Hope
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My intro was arranged and recorded by Matthew Wilkinson.

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The Symbolic World
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