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The Tortoise with Brooke McAlary

People over profit with Dr Clinton Schultz

In this episode Brooke chats with Dr Clinton Schultz, a proud Gamilaroi man, psychologist, husband, dad and founder of Sobah - hands down the best non-alcoholic craft beer you will ever taste. (Seriously. It’s delicious.)

They chat about the realities of giving up the booze in Australia and how our deeply ingrained drinking culture can make it difficult. They also dig into the thinking behind Sobah's recent (and very successful) round of equity crowd-funding and how it allows Clinton and his partner Lozen to build a business that is values-aligned rather than one that needs to be purely profit-driven. 

The conversation ranges over family/work boundaries, the healing power of time on country, why Sobah uses native food ingredients in all their brews and collective vs individual thinking. 



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The Tortoise with Brooke McAlary
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