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The Tortoise with Brooke McAlary

Practising Simplicity with Jodi Wilson

Welcome back to another year of the Slow Home Podcast! 

Never before has slow living felt so relevant to so many people, as we grapple with the question of what we want life to look and feel like as we head in to the third year of the pandemic. 

Today's guest is the perfect person to begin this exploration with, as she's spent many years experimenting and, quite literally, practising simplicity. 

Jodi Wilson is an author, risk-averse adventurer, mother, photographer, yoga teacher and all-round thoughtful human, and has recently published her beautiful book, 'Practising Simplicity'. 

In this conversation Brooke and Jodi talk about:

  • letting go - what it means and how to move through the discomfort that comes with it
  • the idea of risk, and how Jodi decided seemingly on a whim to sell up and move her family of six into a caravan for more than 2 years of cross-country travel
  • living with awe at the centre of our lives

  • the importance of small steps in making big change

  • what constitutes bravery 

  • how we can all live a life (slightly) less distracted without the need to live long-term in a caravan

  • the role of contentment in our lives.


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The Tortoise with Brooke McAlary
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