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Stephen Millis Part 4: The Darker Side of Hesperia


49-year-old Steve Millis disappeared from Hesperia, Michigan, on January 4, 2019. On the surface, it just seemed that Steve went to the store to buy some cat food and disappeared off of the face of the earth, but things weren't that simple. When investigators began looking into this, they were thrust into the dark underbelly of the drug world. They were trying to build a case, and each person was leading them to someone else. It felt like they were getting closer and closer to the truth, but each story was shaky. The storytellers were unreliable. They all seemed to be lying about something or had something to gain from pointing to the next person in line. Through it all, they did seem to be getting some consistent threads. Sometimes there is a bit of truth in every rumor.

If you have any information about the disappearance of Steve Millis, please contact the Newaygo County Sheriff's Office at (231) 689-7303.

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