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The Viall Files

Ask Nick - You Make WEED a Priority Over Me!


Today, on another episode of Viall Files, Ask Nick Edition, we dive into the world of situationships and answer your burning questions about relationships and the dating world. In this episode we are joined by our first caller who struggles with the idea that her boyfriend is hooked on weed, making it a higher priority than everything else in his life. Not growing up around it herself, this caller expresses concern that this may be a sign that their lifestyles are incompatible. Our next caller struggles with how to be supportive to her friend that has been stuck in a situationship for a long time. She asks for advice on how to help her friend ask for and get what she wants. Our next caller has been stuck in a situationship for almost two years and feels like she is getting crushed by the dreaded in-between. Now, she tries to learn how to not ask someone else to define the relationship, but rather, demand what she wants out of the situation.

“You’re making it more of a priority than I’m comfortable with.”

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