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Bachelor Recap With Lisa Schwartz


Today we look forward to welcoming you back to the world of the Bachelor, kicking it off with another recap for the first episode of Clayton’s season. Our guest today is YouTuber and actress, Lisa Schwartz. First, we do a report card and ask how Clayton and Jesse are doing in their roles and how the show is doing in terms of letting us learn more about Clayton, besides just his love for puppies. We dive into the Sally situation, and judge how Clayton handles a hurt contestant that is not ready for the show and to love again. We select our picks for best intros, who we think will make it to the end, and which contestants are already being edited to look like villains. We talk about how we think Teddi, a virgin, will likely lose her virginity in the Fantasy Suite, how giving away a 100 year old photo to the Bachelor may be a bad idea, and how being a good person isn’t enough to be a good Bachelor. We can already tell this season is going to be fun but messy, so come join us in recapping the premiere! 

“Being a good Bachelor has nothing to do with being a good human being” 

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