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Bachelor Tea - Teddi Faces Off with Nick


We are back with another Bachelor related episode, diving into the world and drama of Bachelor Nation. Today, we are joined by Former Bachelor Producer, TV Host, Correspondent, and Founder of Heart Broken Anonymous, Naz Perez. While there is no new episode of The Bachelor itself we kept ourselves busy by talking about the hot goss in Bachelor Nation. Also we got Teddi on with us, so that we can interview her about whether she thought her behavior was manipulative or not. We talk about the spectrum of manipulation, how people in healthy relationships manipulate, and how sometimes it’s important to get what you want. We also talk about how the show has changed with social media, the pull of why people watch each season, and the ever expanding Reality Television Cinematic Universe. We also address the Cassidy FWB situation and how her approach shows she isn't ready for love.

“You’re giving me a lot more credit than I deserve.” 

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