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The WAN Show

I Want To Be A Console Gamer - WAN Show February 24, 2023

The WAN Show
The WAN Show

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Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change

(1:43) Intro.

(2:14) Short production meeting.

(3:07) Topic #1: Sony releases PlayStation VR2.

(4:09) Luke tries out the headset, LTT review incoming.

(4:52) Specs, Linus on eye tracking & render quality.

(7:28) Luke on the headset's features & earphones.

(10:06) Linus's home VR setup, Luke on tethered experience.

(11:26) Commenting on the controller & overall design.

(13:26) ChatGPT is sentient about Luke's comments on WAN Show.

(14:23) Unable to use VR2 on PC.

(16:18) Topic #2: Meta Verified "less ads" program.

(17:19) Facebook viewers, Meta Verified, lack of support.

(20:36) Tumblr profits from "Important Blue Internet Checkmarks."

(22:54) "Whale Tier", "Extra Medium" size, Floatplane beta.

(25:58) Merch Messages discussion, Right to Repair pin idea.

(28:42) LTTStore new WAN deskpad, desk configurator.

(30:01) Would Luke or Dan get Meta Verified?

(30:51) Topic #3: Linus & Luke hate building PCs for people.

(43:34) Topic #4: Google & Meta impacted by Canada's Bill C-18.

(48:50) Topic #5: Fantasian boss causes Linus to ragequit.

(1:07:52) Mentioning Reddit post, Twitch's bugs idea.

(1:09:22) Doomed to fail, boss difficulty, discussing BotW.

(1:15:56) Luke quit TARKOV due to cheaters, g0at's clips.

(1:33:18) Luke on cheating, Linus on game streaming.

(1:39:34) Riot Games' Ring 0 freaks out about TARKOV AC.

(1:40:42) Merch Messages #1.

(1:43:36) Is there a person you want to bring on the WAN Show?

(1:46:00) Any tech to have in a studio student apartment?

(1:48:28) Sponsors

(1:51:21) Topic #6: Amazon buys One Medial for 3.9 Billion.

(1:53:16) Buy n Large, poll: Best Buy's primary color.

(1:58:13) Topic #7: Apple activation unlock update.

(2:01:54) Topic #8: China restricts access to AI tech.

(2:12:11) Topic #9: YouTube releases 1080Premium.

(2:14:12) Dubbing videos beta, Spanish LTT dub.

(2:15:02) Podcasts upload time, WAN Show's runtime.

(2:19:34) Topic #10: LTX 2023 tickets update.

(2:21:43) Topic #11: Google accused of destroying evidence.

(2:22:44) Merch Messages #2.

(2:27:55) Thoughts on auto manufacturers not updating infotainment.

(2:34:19) Average age of LMG's viewership.

(2:44:52) Red flags when hiring people for LMG.

(3:01:54) Most notable thing to spring out of LMG?

(3:12:45) What company's top-secret project would you want to see?

(3:17:36) Linus's katana, update on LTT screwdriver holster?

(3:21:29) One-on-one tech in education & its benefits?

(3:27:56) Would Linus write an autobiography someday?

(3:30:32) Technology that labs decided not to test.

(3:35:47) Linus's SV650 bike update.

(3:45:35) Reason behind LMG not paying Gary.

(4:03:18) Outro.

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