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The WAN Show

Our Biggest Sponsor Pulled Out - WAN Show February 10, 2023

The WAN Show
The WAN Show

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Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change:

0:00 Chapters

1:44 Intro

2:08 Linus's busy week

2:53 Topic #1 - Extreme Tech Upgrade is no more

4:50 Discussing XTU's appeal

9:18 LMG's work history with Intel

11:32 AMD's Ultimate Tech Upgrade, a nice budget

14:26 Linus's old setup video idea, Jank Luke

17:14 Linus's & Luke's full red setups

19:30 Total XTU's views, Linus hasn't met all employees

23:12 LTTStore's track jacket & joggers

26:42 Showcasing amazing photos, limited stock

28:14 Luke on past WAN's shirt fitment & tall shirts

31:11 Blank shirts ratings, T-shirt printer update

33:25 Topic #2 - Bing's conversational chatbot

34:38 Linus tries a spicy Bing search

37:02 Linus calls out Dan's post it

38:26 Luke on the faster wait list requirements

40:16 Linus tries asking about what happened to Luke

43:39 How many LTT backpacks fit in a Tesla?

46:18 Asking about LTT tracksuit, suggests fitting pants

49:10 Chatbot suggests "fitting colors" LTTStore's joggers

52:12 Linus's & Luke's reactions, chatbot watches videos

55:12 Lanyard's durability, chatbot reads reviews

56:04 Negative lanyard reviews, chatbot summarizes

58:20 Water Bottle color that matches the tracksuit? ft. LTT red logo

1:04:26 Luke provides reasons behind bad answers

1:05:12 Rephrasing question, focuses on workshop jacket

1:08:14 LTTStore customer service, recalling Cortana

1:11:12 LTT screwdriver's quality, user feedback

1:15:08 Valheim's "biomass," autocorrects to Bonemass

1:17:22 Microsoft's Prometheus, Google's Bard

1:22:54 BAidu's Ernie, Opera to include ChatGPT

1:23:29 Challenges with implementing ChatGPT?

1:25:15 Concerns when companies construct their own AI?

1:26:04 Sponsors

1:35:28 GoT Season 8, Jim Carrey Liar Liar equivalent

1:40:42 Merch Message #1

1:57:36 Topic #3 - Chinese phones loaded with malware

1:59:24 Topic #4 - Samsung update has 55 GB uninstallable bloatware

2:01:06 Looking at S23 apps, consumed storage, wear leveling

2:08:08 Topic #5 - xQc computer build collab

2:08:22 Linus on having an assistant & CSF video

2:10:00 Learning from xQc, Amazon Basic's wishlist

2:13:20 xQc constantly streams, Linus on security & fans

2:22:40 Topic #6 - Ubisoft partners with police to monitor harassment

2:23:05 Merch Messages #2

2:26:52 Do you keep or sell old technology? Which do you regret selling?

2:50:00 Are Brick-and-Mortar stores still needed?

3:15:16 Would LTT merch get you laid?

3:14:09 Topic #7: Date wore a LinusTechTips underwear

Cont Merch Messages #2

3:27:49 Why is the word "so" banned?

3:29:57 Outro

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