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The WAN Show

We've Made Some Big Mistakes - WAN Show November 18, 2022

The WAN Show
The WAN Show

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Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change

0:00 Chapters

1:48 Intro

2:13 Topic #1 - Mistakes on LTT's RTX 4080 video

2:48 4080 sold out, pricing, advocating for change

8:15 Linus counters community arguments

13:32 High last-gen emphasis in the review

14:46 Lack of AMD discussions in the review

15:29 Linus apologizes, reasons his decisions

16:36 AMD cards not priced well, discussing competition

19:07 Topic #2 - Linus & Luke 30 day Arc challenge

19:24 Linus's & Luke's power "mods"

22:46 Linus's disappointment on VR, reaching staff

25:04 Luke's idea to Linus's Arc & Linux systems

26:33 Linus & Luke streamed gaming on Arc

28:32 LTTStore customer support delays ft. Luke's bird

30:16 Labeled shipments show as shipping when not

32:45 LTTStore's Retro Polar Fleece

33:44 Topic #3 - The last seven days in Twitter

34:32 Luke on companies firing/hiring

37:36 Engineer corrects Elon, gets fired

41:52 Luke meets Twitter employee in Serbia

42:42 Linus on at-will, Luke hushes birds

44:02 Badge system removed, "public" Slack channel

45:36 Blind, a better localized anonymous version of LinkedIn

47:16 Elon response, end-to-end DM encryption

49:34 "Be extremely hardcore or leave"

52:12 Employees locked out after blue badge removal

52:28 Sponsors

55:36 Companies should hire employees, discussing Visas

56:18 Discussing Luke's bird & feeding

57:04 Sponsor continued

57:44 Linus to head off to an event

58:22 LMG & Creators Warehouse hiring many positions

59:28 Topic #4 - FTX collapses, Riley writing in the doc

1:01:06 Merch Messages #1

1:01:36 Luke on dive computers

1:03:37 Any advantage to 2 PCI-Es on larger GPUs?

1:05:54 Riley takes over, everything goes downhill

1:09:26 Riley on writing the doc, Luke on coverage

1:12:04 Riley on Twitter's viability & usability

1:14:20 Discussing Andor

1:16:24 Discussing Taskmaster

1:18:15 Luke explains FTX, owner playing LOL during conference calls

1:21:06 Binance backed out bailing FTX out

1:23:10 Regulating cryptocurrency defeated its purpose

1:26:42 Luke on losing coins VS losing value

1:28:42 Topic #5 - Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

1:29:32 Luke's favorite Pokémon

1:32:58 Game graphics & performance issues, Switch & emulation

1:39:49 Topic #6 - DOOM Eternal OST controversy

1:41:04 Summarizing OST release, Marty's reddit post

1:43:25 Mick Gordon's detailed rebuttal, game developing

1:48:44 Luke on gaming scenes & gamers review-bombing

1:52:38 Topic #7 - PeopleMakeGames calls Valve out on gambling

1:54:48 Twitch banning unregulated gambling content

1:56:56 CS:GO gambling sites thrive, discussing loot boxes

1:59:36 Why doesn't Valve do anything against this?

2:01:32 AK-47 Case Hardened #661 sold for $400,000

2:04:02 Whose responsibility is this? ft. Luke hushing birds

2:09:16 Video Game Attorney on platforms manipulating drops

2:11:28 Topic #8 - Apple sued for collecting data in Apple apps

2:14:54 Riley on Apple misleading users & lack of privacy

2:17:16 Did Luke believe Apple's security?

2:20:28 Merch Messages #2

2:20:48 Using external GPUs for Blender

2:30:14 Outro

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