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Where Will This End? - WAN Show November 25, 2022

The WAN Show
The WAN Show

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Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119 NOTE: Timestamps may be off due to sponsor change)

0:00 Chapters

1:13 Intro - Dark Mode

1:42 Topic #1 - Mercedes's EV acceleration subscription

1:50 Linus on Alex's stance

3:20 Everything is included, so why lock features?

5:33 Shareholders & revenue, discussing automobile companies

8:14 Trickle-down economics, Linus's perspective on taxes

14:26 New Jersey banned similar vehicle subscriptions

16:16 Homelessness, Elon Musk on $6B "solving world hunger"

18:42 Devil's advocate on Mercedes charge & warranty costs

20:30 Subscription offers up to 24% more horsepower

22:18 Topic #2 - Intel's On-Demand Sapphire Rapids CPUs

25:08 Discussing Ai 1 airbag vest's subscription pricing

27:16 Topic #3 - eufy uploads pictures without user consent

28:31 Facial recognition, snapshot of feed

29:09 eufy replies: "this is for notifications," disproved instantly

30:10 Remotely start a stream of unencrypted feeds via VLC

31:47 Recapping the controversy, LTT is done with Anker

33:51 Does the Smart Scale send "pictures" to the Chinese government?

36:13 Luke's girlfriend's interactable robot vacuum

37:05 LTTStore Black Friday deal

37:44 Sponsors

45:25 Floatplane roast on Luke not buying anything

46:54 Topic #4 - The last seven days in Twitter #2

47:05 Elon on "Freedom of speech is NOT freedom of reach" policy

49:20 Elon's poll on reinstating suspended accounts, delaying Blue Verified

51:29 Elon's poll on offering "amnesty" to the banned, Blue to launch on December 2nd

53:07 Luke's hot takes on Twitter & news on social media

56:34 Balenciaga's controversial children campaign

1:02:10 LTTStore wallet & tie ideas

1:04:13 LTTstore tie design, FP poll: do you wear ties?

1:06:38 LTTStore wallet & passport case design

1:09:26 Merch Messages #1

1:09:54 What is on Linus's & Luke's Christmas lists?

1:15:57 Would have Luke hired Linus for LukeTechTips?

1:17:12 Topic #5 - Meta focuses on AI

1:17:41 Linus on machine learning versus AI

1:19:43 Cicero AI, performs greatly in the game Diplomacy

1:22:18 Linus discusses Google Assistant's voice recognition

1:22:57 Galactica AI, generates scientific "answers"

1:26:22 Linus explains his stance on machine learning

1:27:20 Topic #6 - Marvel "used to be good"

1:30:58 SOLIDWORKS to sponsor an LTT video

1:33:32 Merch Messages #2

1:36:00 LTT content are mostly "top-end" complaint

1:39:18 LTT's audio production video explained

1:39:57 Why are companies becoming more abrasive to our wallets?

1:40:43 Thanksgiving holiday traditions

1:42:28 Thoughts on an alternative to car subscriptions

1:43:20 What does Linus wish to accomplish in 10-20 years?

1:45:01 Labs to host a trustworthy UserBenchMark competitor?

1:45:45 Luke stops Linus from showcasing beta Labs site

1:48:46 Creating an environment where people can freely criticize?

1:56:40 GoXLR mixer, Luke's experience

1:57:48 Why Linus hasn't done mystery science theater, thoughts on Disney & Star Wars

2:01:52 Update on the Floatplane as a service idea

2:03:05 Twitch losing streaming credits

2:04:21 Delaying content with other creators if one does not receive a sample?

2:05:24 LTTStore Backpack bundle in the future

2:06:10 Outro

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