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The WAN Show

You Guys are Mad. I Get it. - WAN Show February 3, 2023

The WAN Show
The WAN Show

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Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change:

0:00 Chapters

1:16 Intro

2:20 Topic #1 - Last WAN's DarkViperAU controversy

3:21 Linus apologizes, Matthew joins the show

4:56 Community's reaction, Linus watched the video

7:31 Matto on last WAN's framing, "Linus needed a nap"

9:01 Defining vetting & its relation to Fair Use

11:24 Mentioning Neuro-sama, LTT's cringe commercials video

13:34 Linus's habit of looking at audience interpretations

16:08 Matto on content's context, Luke's stance

18:49 Linus on video framing & reading comments

21:38 History of react content, MrBeast's tweet

23:16 Matto & Luke on "reacts" definition compared to Linus's

25:35 "Consent is not ethical," accidentally removed Matt

27:46 Clips & lost content, issues & misunderstood comments

32:39 Linus was recommended DVAU's series, Matt's impact

37:02 Topic #2 - Anker's eufy admits to lack of encryption

39:11 Trust issues, bug bounty program & "statement"

41:06 What Anker needs to do to regain users’ trust?

45:28 Topic #3 - YouTube Shorts revenue sharing pool

47:57 Ads out the feed don't count, Linus reaches out to YT

50:54 Linus baffled at YouTube's response

55:55 Why act on such a bad faith for a pity amount of money?

58:12 Sponsors

1:02:02 Topic #4 -Blizzard bans those regularly playing with cheaters

1:04:44 Linus's experience with bad badminton calls

1:06:54 Luke on Tarkov's cheaters, community policing idea

1:10:41 Sophistication of cheating

1:13:07 Topic #5 - MrBeast's "Curable Blindness" Tweet controversy

1:15:18 Linus on Jimmy's Tweet

1:19:18 House denounces socialism, President Jimmy & content ideas

1:24:11 LTTStore's stealth desk pad

1:27:00 Merch Messages #1

1:41:03 Topic #6 -Microsoft's AI-powered Bing & Teams

1:45:15 Is It Fake?!

1:46:02 IIF #1 - Linus & Luke are anti-right to repair

3:29:02 Outro

The WAN Show
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