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These Are The Days

EP 87: Suspense, Spontaneity and Surprise

These Are The Days
These Are The Days

If you know us, you know that we THRIVE off of adventure + spontaneity! Sure, we need routine, but we also need newness. It is about finding that balance, stepping out of your comfort zone, and saying yes to moments along the journey.

Adventures make good stories and they teach you so much about who you are, who someone else is, and how your relationship responds to life and situations.

Our world today has over complicated and over saturated the truest form of adventure. We are constantly comparing our life to someone else’s and thinking we have to have the picture perfect adventure in order for it to be worth it. But that is not true at all!

The muscle of adventure is there. It just takes flexing + creativity to unlock it. And once you do, it is well worth it!

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • 3 key components to a good adventure
  • The principle of spontaneity + how you can use it in your relationship
  • How you can (and should!) incorporate your kids into your adventures
  • Questions you can ask one another as you define what adventure means to you

For all things mentioned in this episode check out the Podcast Blog Post.

These Are The Days
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