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They Don't Teach This At School with Myleene Klass

Amir Khan on being a boxing champion and why his kids are his biggest motivation

Amir Khan is a former professional boxer and two-time world champion. As a young boy, he was the naughty one - so his dad took him to boxing class at 8-years-old, to try keep him out of trouble. But by the time Amir was 17, he had become Britain’s youngest ever boxing Olympic medalist. Now I know a completely different side to Amir than a former world champion. I spent three weeks with him in the jungle and it was brilliant to be reunited with him. In this episode we talk about how his children changed him and how he's dealt with family fallouts. His book new book Fight For Your Life is out now.

This episode contains offensive language. If you are affected by anything you hear in this episode and need support please see the suggested website links below.



They Don't Teach This At School with Myleene Klass
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