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They Don't Teach This At School with Myleene Klass

Kelly Holmes on coming out at 52 and the PE teacher who turned her life around

This episode contains detailed discussion around mental health and self-harm. If you or someone you know has been affected by anything you hear in this episode please speak to your GP.

Dame Kelly Holmes is one of the UK’s most popular athletes. She’s a double Olympic champion. She’s a Commonwealth champion. She’s a European champion. She set and holds the British records in both the 800m and 100m races.

Growing up, Kelly struggled with school. It was her PE teacher that spotted her talent for running and encouraged her to apply herself. Kelly said that just one person believing in her had the power to turn her life around.

Her memoir ‘Unique’ has just been released - and she has bravely told her story of publicly coming out as a gay woman - from living in fear of being outed in the Army and at major sporting events to the freedom and contentment she has owning her identity and sexuality.

They Don't Teach This At School with Myleene Klass
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