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by They Walk Among Us
They Walk Among Us - UK True Crime

Season 5 - Episode 44


A mother of two is found bludgeoned to death in a suspected burglary gone wrong. The attack is barbaric. Blood spatter covers the ceiling. But in spite of the carnage, only a small sum of money has been stolen. Is a woman's life really worth the £100 that was reported missing? The attack shocks the quiet suburban neighbourhood as police struggle to find a suspect. Is this really a random attack, or is someone closer to home responsible?... (Part 1 of 2) 


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Court documents and information from the following news organisations were referenced in this episode: The Guardian, The Observer, Aberdeen Evening Express, Liverpool Echo, Aberdeen Press and Journal, Irish Independent, Daily Mirror, Newcastle Journal, Sunday Independent (Dublin), Sunday Mirror, Newcastle Evening Chronicle, Reading Evening Post, Aberdeen Evening Express, Daily Express, Yorkshire Live, Irish Times, Independent and Herald Scotland. 

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Black Or White Oar by P C III

Finally Lost by Hinterheim

Cold Morning by John Bartmann

Dark Basement by John Bartmann

Homeroad by Kai Engel

Invocation by John Bartmann

Foggy Trees by John Bartmann

Freezing but warm by Meydän

Elk by Meydän

Close Up by John Bartmann

Glacial Melting Point by Asher Fulero

Foul Breath by John Bartmann

Irish Banshee by John Bartmann

Interception by Kai Engel

Magnetic Lullaby by Amulets

After Hours by John Bartmann

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by They Walk Among Us