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They Walk Among Us - UK True Crime

Season 7 - Episode 30

In the early morning hours of May 28th, 2018, as usual, Levens Drive was peaceful. Shortly after 4 AM, however, an early riser in the neighbourhood noticed the distinct aroma of smoke in the air. As she glanced out of her bedroom window, she could see that her neighbour’s bungalow was up in flames, with thick black smoke billowing from the windows. She immediately called the Fire Service and then hurried outside, where she was met by a disturbing sound cutting through the passing smoke. Although the noise was muffled, it sounded like a woman screaming for help…


This episode was researched and written by Emily G. Thompson.

Script editing, additional writing, illustrations and production direction by Rosanna Fitton

Narration, editing, additional writing, and production direction by Benjamin Fitton.

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They All Belong by Moments 

Ancient Ground by Moments 

Crooked Man by Wicked Cinema 

Endless Night by Moments 

Quiet Desperation Part 2 by JCar 

The Birth Of A Planet by Falls 

The Greater Good by Craig Allen Fravel 

A Most Sinister Kind by Dresden, The Flamingo 

Onward by Chelsea McGough 

Stopped Time by Moments 

St. Mary by Chelsea McGough 

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They Walk Among Us - UK True Crime
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