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This Is Not A Drill with Gavin Esler

Chaos in the Kremlin

After an astonishing seven days in Russia, Doomsday Watch is back to answer some of the biggest questions following the aborted Wagner rebellion. 
How will Yevgeny Prigozhin’s short-lived insurrection affect Russia and its war of aggression on Ukraine?
Few understand the machinations and manoeuvres of Russian politics like Christopher Steele - former head of the Russia desk at MI6 and the man behind the famous Trump dossier in 2016, which investigated Russia’s links to US politics. 
The director of consultancy Orbis Business Intelligence joins Arthur Snell to discuss the corruption which rots Russian elite society and drove Prigozhin’s challenge.
And speaking from Kyiv - Doomsday Watch regular Dr Jade McGlynn - author of recent books Russia’s War and Memory Makers and researcher at King's College London.
Arthur and Jade discuss developments in Ukraine and how Russian society is responding to Vladimir Putin’s attempts to shore up control following the rebellion. 

“A lot of this revolves around corrupt wealth, and vast amounts of it.” – Christopher Steele

“I suspect that there was a falling out between Prigozhin, Shoigu and others over the spoils of war in Ukraine.” – Christopher Steele

“I think a lot of Ukranians are, at the very least, enjoying watching the spiders fight in a jar, as they call it.” – Jade McGlynn

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Written and presented by Arthur Snell. Produced by Robin Leeburn. Assistant Producer: Liam Tait. Original theme music by Paul Hartnoll – https://www.orbitalofficial.com. Group Editor Andrew Harrison. Doomsday Watch is a Podmasters production
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This Is Not A Drill with Gavin Esler
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