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This Is Not A Drill with Gavin Esler

New Series: Twelve months to save American democracy?

Welcome to This Is Not A Drill – the new name for Doomsday Watch, with new host Gavin Esler. In our first episode: It’s one year to the US Presidential election. If Donald Trump is the victor he will be unbound by any fear of legal or democratic restraint. What will Trump do to get there? And what will he do if he wins?
Gavin Esler talks to Bill Kristol, editor-at-large of conservative magazine The Bulwark, who has broken with the Republicans in revulsion at the party’s surrender to the MAGA ideal; and historian Sarah Churchwell, author of Behold America: The Entangled History of “America First” and “The American Dream”, to understand the United States’ fateful choice. 
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• “The worst thing is that Trump is succeeding because of the demagoguery, the incitement, the violence and the contempt for the rule of law – not in spite of it.” – Bill Kristol 
• “Trump is of a kind that we’ve seen before, but of a degree that we’ve never seen before. And he’s achieved power that we’ve never seen before.” – Sarah Churchwell
Written and presented by Gavin Esler. Produced by Robin Leeburn. Original theme music by Paul Hartnoll – https://www.orbitalofficial.com. Executive Producer Martin Bojtos. Group Editor Andrew Harrison. This Is Not A Drill is a Podmasters production
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This Is Not A Drill with Gavin Esler
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