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This Is Not A Drill with Gavin Esler

The Ukraine War Ep. 8: The World At War

The finale of our history of the Ukraine war – for now. As Ukraine’s 2023 counter-offensive begins and Putin responds with mere nihilistic destruction, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Now Arthur Snell takes stock of the war so far. Ukraine’s fight for freedom could preserves the security of Europe’s hinterlands, and Russia’s failures have shown how NOT to fight a war. But history tells us that the fall of great powers puts global peace in grave peril. How can we prevent chaos in Russia spilling out across Europe and perhaps beyond?

Arthur speaks to:
• Serhii Plokhy, Prof of Ukrainian History at Harvard and the Author of ‘The Russo-Ukrainian War’
• Luke Harding, journalist and author of Orwell-prize shortlisted ‘Invasion’
• Iuliia Osmalenko, former Ukrainian diplomat and Head of Globsec Kyiv Office
• Dr Mike Martin, military analyst and author of ‘How to Fight A War’
• Oleskii Plotnikov, serving Ukrainian soldier and human rights lawyer

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Photograph: Getty

Featuring poetry by Yuliya Musakovska, read by the author, and by Anastasia Afanasiva, read by translator Olga Livshin

Incidental music in order of appearance:
• Gustav Mahler’s Symphony Number 5, performed by Jason Weinberger and the WCF Symphony
• Gustav Mahler’s Symphony Number 9 (First Movement) performed by the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra
• ‘O Lord Hear My Prayer’ by Dmitry Bortnyansky performed by Kyiv Chamber Choir
• ‘A Quiet Night (Tyhoyi Nochi)' by Natalia Tsupryk, performed by SANSARA Choir

Written and presented by Arthur Snell. Produced by Robin Leeburn. Original theme music by Paul Hartnoll – https://www.orbitalofficial.com. Design by James Parrett. Group Editor Andrew Harrison. Doomsday Watch is a Podmasters production
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This Is Not A Drill with Gavin Esler
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