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This Is Not A Drill with Gavin Esler

Ukraine in stalemate: What Kyiv needs in order to win – with Oz Katerji

Why did Ukraine’s much-discussed counter-offensive of summer 2023 fail to turn the tide of the War? What’s really happening on the ground, and how might the third year of this historic conflict take shape? Conflict journalist Oz Katerji reports from Ukraine to discover how and where Kyiv has succeeded and faltered – what would change the war in Ukraine’s favour – and what the spectre of a Trump Presidency would mean for Ukraine’s freedom. 
We’re proud that Oz, a seasoned reporter, film-maker and podcasters, is joining the TINAD team. He’ll be hosting special editions on Ukraine and other flashpoints around the world at regular intervals. Gavin Esler returns next week.
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• “The problem is the people watching the war on their screens and not taking account of how it’s happening in reality, on the ground.” – Maria Avdeeva, Ukrainian defence analyst
• “The Brits understand this conflict far better than the Americans, for the simple reason that the Brits have a presence embedded on the ground.” – Michael Weiss, The Insider
• “Everyone in Ukraine is aware that the war will be long. Ukraine will win. There is no other option. But it won’t be as fast as we were hoping a year ago.” – Maria Avdeeva
• “Trump’s first impeachment was over Ukraine and he sees it as an abscess to be lanced… A Trump presidency would be an unmitigated disaster for Ukraine.” – Michael Weiss
Written and presented by Oz Katerji. Produced by Robin Leeburn. Original theme music by Paul Hartnoll – https://www.orbitalofficial.com. Executive Producer Martin Bojtos. Group Editor Andrew Harrison. This Is Not A Drill is a Podmasters production
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This Is Not A Drill with Gavin Esler
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