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by Toronto Star
This Matters | Daily News Podcast

Fear and loathing on the campaign trail ’21


Guests: Susan Delacourt, Toronto Star national political columnist and Grant LaFleche, investigative reporter for the Star and St. Catharines Standard

Forget the election issues. The biggest story of Canada’s federal election campaign so far has been the protesters disrupting the rallies of Liberal leader Justin Trudeau and the harassment towards other candidates like NDP leader Jagmeet Singh. And now, the disruption has been escalating to aggressive and dangerous behaviour. Over the Labour Day weekend, members of the anti-lockdown, anti-vaccination crowd threw stones at Trudeau after a campaign event. Who are these protesters? How did Canadian politics get this toxic and dangerous? What kind of Canada will we have after Sept. 20, 2021? We report from the campaign trail and inside the network of raging protesters.



by Toronto Star