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Tifo Football Podcast

The Art of Analysing Up-and-Coming Coaches

Tifo Football Podcast
Tifo Football Podcast
Jon Mackenzie is joined by Mark Carey and Liam Tharme to explore the ideas of some up and coming managers (Still, Motta, Fonseca) and to dig into the deeper question of how do we decide if a manager is *good* or not…

What is Will Still’s tactical approach?

What is the correlation between Thiago Motta’s deep build up with strong defensive numbers? 

Why is Paolo Fonseca’s Lille so good on the ball?

Which of these coaches are going to succeed?

Football’s best up-and-coming managers: https://theathletic.com/5339076/2024/03/25/thiago-motta-up-and-coming-managers/

This episode of the Tifo Football Podcast is presented by Jon Mackenzie, produced by Mike Zimmermann.
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Tifo Football Podcast
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