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Tom Nelson

Dave Collum: “These clowns can’t even account for clouds” | Tom Nelson Pod #162

Tom Nelson
Tom Nelson

Prof of Organic Chemistry @ Cornell. Libertarian. Fan of Austrian business cycle, Zero Hedge, gold. Biggest bear.

00:00 Introduction

02:44 Dave's path to climate realism

13:53 COVID

21:03 On peer review

24:09 The Real Anthony Fauci

30:26 John Sarno

34:58 RFK Jr

38:52 2024 Presidential election

46:11 Whitney Webb

01:03:41 Rogan

01:04:43 Multidecade bear market ahead?

01:09:06 Bitcoin

01:17:24 Inflation

01:27:08 Housing crash?

01:34:38 Buffett/Munger

01:35:59 Musk/Tesla

01:41:32 Dave as a human router

01:46:19 Edward Dowd

01:47:45 More climate content

01:48:21 More climate content

01:48:52 Wisest climate realists

01:57:59 Odd Twitter algorithms



Dave’s 2019 Year in Review covers climate change brilliantly, starting on page 56:


2022 The Year in Review: The War in Ukraine: https://peakprosperity.com/2022-the-year-in-review-the-war-in-ukraine/


AI summaries of all of my podcasts: https://tomn.substack.com/p/podcast-summaries

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