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Tom Nelson

Mike Wallace: Solar forcing accounts for most if not all climate change | Tom Nelson Pod #164

Tom Nelson
Tom Nelson

Published in Hydrology, Seasonality, Climate and Respiratory Virus Patterns.

Slides for this podcast: https://tomn.substack.com/p/conceptual-model-of-a-solar-forced



Mike’s 2019 paper: “Application of lagged correlations between solar cycles and hydrosphere components towards sub-decadal forecasts of streamflows in the Western USA” https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/02626667.2019.1567925

00:00 Introduction

01:02 Understanding Hydroclimatology and Solar Forcing

07:57 Misrepresentations in Climate Science and the Role of Solar Forcing

12:39 Exploring the Correlation between Sunspot Numbers and Climate Patterns

19:36 Understanding the Role of CO2 and Ozone in Climate Change

47:55 Concluding Remarks and Future Research Directions


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