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Tom Nelson

Willie Soon: Bad Data: Are NASA, NOAA and EPA Violating the Data Quality Act? | Tom Nelson Pod #169

Tom Nelson
Tom Nelson

Dr. Willie Soon, an astrophysicist and geoscientist, is a leading authority on the relationship between solar phenomena and global climate. In this 32+ years of singular pursuit, he seeks to understand the Sun-Earth relations in terms of not only meteorology and climate, but also in terms of orbital dynamics of Sun-Earth-other planets interactions, magmatic (volcanoes) and tectonic (earthquakes) activities. His discoveries challenge computer modelers and advocates who consistently underestimate solar influences on cloud formation, ocean currents, and wind that cause climate to change. He has faced and risen above unethical and often libelous attacks on his research and his character, becoming one of the world's most respected and influential voices for climate realism. In 2018, he founded the Center for Environmental Research and Earth Sciences (CERES-science.com) in order to tackle a wider range of issues and topics without fears nor prejudices.

Slides for this podcast: https://tomn.substack.com/p/bad-data-are-nasa-noaa-epa-and-ipcc

Willie Soon on my podcast #29: “This CO2 stuff is...pure delusion”: https://youtu.be/SWox_kECjfM?si=iVOqBumAgq01sEbG

Willie Soon on my podcast #79: “Global warming: Mostly human-caused or natural?” https://youtu.be/djvfutJWRhY?si=Ad9JBbJocaXsU2mL

Soon/Connollys: Challenges of the detection and attribution of global warming | Tom Nelson Pod #153: https://youtu.be/yu_7lbXD3e0?si=ABsbrUwOpgZzJmOY

00:00 Introduction and Presentation Overview

00:25 Understanding the Climate Narrative

00:59 The Role of NASA, NOAA, EPA, and IPCC

03:11 The Importance of Data Quality and Compliance

04:59 The Problem with Current Climate Models

12:42 The Impact of Urbanization on Climate Data

22:46 The Inconsistencies in NOAA's Adjustments

24:26 Comparing Urban and Rural Climate Data

25:39 Understanding Rural Record and Sea Surface Temperature

26:01 Attribution Cost and Climate Change Causes

26:33 The Role of the Sun in Climate Change

26:41 The Impact of Volcanoes on Climate

27:48 The Influence of Solar Energy on Climate

28:32 The Underestimated Role of the Sun

28:46 The Dynamic Nature of Solar Energy

29:32 The History of Solar Activity

30:22 The Influence of Solar Activity on Climate

31:00 The Consequences of Misinterpretation of Data

35:21 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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