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Tony Bellew Is Angry

Tony Bellew Is Angry

Tony Bellew Is Angry

About Tony Bellew Is Angry

Tony Bellew is the world champion boxer who beat David Haye twice in front of an audience of millions. He's known to a generation of film fans as Ricky Conlan, the villain in the Rocky reboot Creed. He's an Everton-supporting dad of four boys who loves stand-up comedy.

But Tony Bellew is also angry. Quite a lot. When you're a boxer that's no bad thing, but now he's not punching people for a living he's wondering what to do when the red mist comes down.

In this podcast, Tony gets together with different guests to talk about times in their lives when they've been really angry. They could be life-changing pivotal moments or the day-to-day stuff that gets us all riled. Tony finds out how they have dealt with it, what they've learnt and see if along the way he can get some tips on dealing with his own anger. Expect tears, laughter, anger (obviously) and some stories from his guests that you won't have heard before!




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