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News Meeting: Men-only clubs and a smoking ban for for some, but not all

Tortoise News
Tortoise News

What should lead the news? Three people pitch the story they think matters most to Tortoise’s editor-in-chief James Harding.

Businessman John Rose and Labour MP Ben Bradshaw join Tortoise reporter Chloe Hadjimatheou to discuss the men-only Garrick Club, Mike Lynch’s fraud trial in the US and a ban on anyone born after 2009 from buying cigarettes is starting its journey into law.

Email: newsmeeting@tortoisemedia.com

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  • Chloe Hadjimatheou, narrative editor at Tortoise
  • John Rose, deputy chairman of Rothschild Group and former chief executive of Rolls Royce
  • Ben Bradshaw, Labour MP and former culture secretary

Host: James Harding, editor-in-chief at Tortoise

Producer: Rebecca Moore

Executive producer: Lewis Vickers

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