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News Meeting: Solar eclipse conspiracy theories and is Thames Water facing the end game?

Tortoise News
Tortoise News

What should lead the news? Three people pitch the story they think matters most to Tortoise’s deputy editor Giles Whittell.

In this episode he’s joined by Bronwen Maddow, chief executive of Chatham House, who thinks it’s make your mind up time for the Israeli government in light of waning Western support for its war in Gaza. 

Climate editor Jeevan Vasagar pitches Thames Water defaulting on its debt and Stephen Armstrong thinks the US conspiracy theories surrounding the solar eclipse should lead the news.

Email: newsmeeting@tortoisemedia.com


  • Bronwen Maddox, chief executive of Chatham House and host of Independent Thinking
  • Jeevan Vasagar, climate editor at Tortoise
  • Stephen Armstron, reporter at Tortoise

Host: Giles Whittell, deputy editor at Tortoise

Producer: Rebecca Moore

Assistant producer: Casey Magloire

Executive producer: Lewis Vickers

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