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Training Without Conflict Podcast

Episode Twelve: Janet Edwards

Training Without Conflict Podcast
Training Without Conflict Podcast

Training Without Conflict® Podcast Episode Twelve: 3x PSA National Champion Janet Edwards

In this episode, Ivan Balabanov interviews 2-time PSA 3 Handler, Janet Edwards.

In addition to being a PSA 3 handler, Janet is also a well respected PSA judge, dog trainer, and teacher to dog trainers around the world.

Throughout the episode they discuss the sport of PSA K9, the differences between PSA and the other dog sports, and Janet provides a great education on the PSA sport as a whole.

In addition to their dog sports discussion, Ivan and Janet discuss raising sport dogs, puppy selection, how different training methods affect future results and much more!

Janet has been a certified Master Trainer from Tarheel Canine Training, Inc since 2001.

Janet ran the pet obedience program at Tarheel Canine, specializing in severe behavior modification (aggression, shyness), and took that program to the highest level in its history. She had the opportunity to work with some extreme cases of shyness and aggression for “last chance” dogs, providing them (and their owners) a life they never thought could happen. Along with training the pets and their owners, she instructed student trainers looking to start their own dog training careers. Her students have not only come from the United States but from all over the the world such as South Africa, Portugal, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and more.

Janet then began training SAR and police K9s for detection (narcotics, explosives), patrol and man trailing along with instructing their handlers. She has trained 100+ active dog teams working the streets for local, state and federal agencies throughout the United States. She spent 3 years managing the North Carolina training facility, directing all trainers and programs. She relocated to Hanover and started Stateline Canine in 2011.

Her dog, Zuko has earned his PSA1, PSA2 and PSA3 titles; only 8 other teams have accomplished this in the history of the sport. Janet is only the 2nd female handler to earn this title. Not only has Zuko earned these titles but he is the ONLY dog to have been a National Champion at every level in the sport; 2007 PSA1, 2009 PSA2 and 2012 PSA 3 National Champion.

Janet achieved her second PSA 3 with her dog Danny, who was her previous PSA 3 dog, Zuko's son. In doing this, she became the only women and one of only 3 trainers in the world to achieve PSA 3 with multiple dogs.

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Ivan Balabanov is a 2-time World Champion dog trainer, Ot Vitosha Malinois breeder, trainer of Premier Protection Dogs and founder of the revolutionary Training Without Conflict® dog training system.

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